Monday, August 25, 2008

Aloha TIM302 students

If you found this blog, then you know how easy it is to create your own blog... and by extension a podcast.

You can see that this is really not so difficult. If you create your own blog, then you have completed the first step. If you need a place to store your audio files, don't forget your UH user account. You can find more information on your account at You can use FTP software like SSH (Windows) or Fugu (Mac) to upload files to your account.

Geocaching and Tourism

If you are thinking about doing Geocaching for your group project, you might want to check out the options at for some ideas about how and where to hide your cache. Remember the location of your cache should be Latitude and Longitude coordinates which are hidden in a puzzle.

As an example I will be hiding a cache in a place familiar to most of you... watch this space for the puzzle. :o)

Podcasting made easy

Four easy steps.

1. Find a place to host your podcast file. You can use your UH Account. Here are links to more information on how to activate and FTP to you UH account.

2. Create a blog. You already have access to Blogger through your iGoogle userid.

3. Create a post on your blog with a link to your podcast file. For example:

4. Once you have created a successful blog and uploaded audio content, the next step is to create an RSS (really simple syndication) feed for your content.

An RSS feed can be created easily (and for free) at Check it out!